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Earik Beann – The Handbook of Market Esoterica

This trading book deals with the true nature of price and time, magic numbers in the market, volume cycles, market geometry, astro trading, numbered squares, and unveils a secret Astronumerology system which unifies astrolgogy and numerology into a razor sharp forecasting methodology. Not intended for casual readers or the closed minded. After studying this manual, you will be able to forecast turning points in the distant future with a high degree of accuracy. Purchase of this book enables new tools in Wave59 PRO2, and all purchasers will gain access to a members-only bulletin board, where they may interact with the author and other users of this material. This is the book that put Wave59 on the map! 


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Magic Numbers

Introducing the idea of resonance and vibration. Every object has a resonant frequency at which it absorbs energy. If enough energy is absorbed, the object will be overloaded and will shatter, just as the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapsed in 1940. Markets have resonant frequencies as well. When a market absorbs enough energy on it's resonant frequency, it's trend will deteriorate and it will form a turning point. This chapter will teach you how to look years in advance.

Chapter 3: Volume

This chapter discusses resonance in volume. You will learn about volume cycles, how to measure them properly, and how to use them to pinpoint the end of trends. If you trade stocks, you won't need much more than this chapter.

Chapter 4: Price to Time

You will learn the true relationship between price and time. Without the knowledge of the fundamental truth presented here, the doors to forecasting using market geometry will remain locked forever. Learn how the Crash in 1929 forecasted the Crash in 1987.

Chapter 5: Price/Time

This chapter demonstrates how to correctly measure the energy behind a trend move, and reveals how all market swings are related. You will learn how the same natural growth patterns found in sunflowers and galaxies also works it's way through market movements.

Chapter 6: Setting up the Chart

One of the reasons why modern analysts fail to come anywhere close to the legendary traders of the past is because modern traders have no idea how to draw their charts. If you can't see the road, you can't drive the car. After reading this chapter, you will be able to outperform any RSI or Stochastic oscillator by using nothing more than simple shapes from kindergarten.

Chapter 7: Geometry

How to use the fundamental law evolved in chapters 4-6 to trade the markets. You will learn how to pinpoint tops and bottoms in price and time in any market and time frame. Learn about the ancient Egyptian pattern that pinpointed the high and low of the Crash in 1987, and nearly every other major turning point since then.

Chapter 8: Astro Primer

What did Gann, Bayer, Marechal, and nearly ever other legendary trader have in common? They studied the link between patterns in the market and patterns in the solar system. Astrology has been widely denounced in modern times by the uninformed, but no less than the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has proven the link between cosmic patterns and the movement of financial markets. This chapter covers the basics, as well as a simple tool that has been nearly 100% accurate in forecasting turns in Microsoft over the last few years.

Chapter 9: Intraday Astro Trading

You will learn the link between astro patterns and individual markets, and how to use that information to forecast where a market should go intraday and what time it should go there. You will learn why the same pattern will work on one market and fail on another, and will learn the missing piece to the astro puzzle that keeps most astro traders from being successful.

Chapter 10: Progressions

This chapter discusses an advanced concept based on natural cycles that will reveal the link between past and future highs and lows. The open has been called the most important price of the day, and you will see why.

Chapter 11: The Secret Planet

Learn the closely guarded calculation that will provide the location of an incredibly powerful point used in market forecasting.

Chapter 12: Numbered Squares

This chapter covers Gann's mysterious numbered squares, and demonstrates the application of this and similar tools to market forecasting. You will learn what these tools are really meant to measure, and how they tune into market vibration. You will learn about the vibration rate of the S&P and E-mini futures markets, and which numbered square can be used to track all important price and time levels in these markets. (Nope, it's not the Square of Nine!)

Chapter 13: Number Vibration

In this chapter, we'll look at the link between number cycles, vibration, and planetary positions. You will learn a technique to forecast when a trend will end based on the day it began with very high accuracy. Learn why a particular planetary cycle can work on markets one day and not the next, and how to tell the difference ahead of time.

Chapter 14: Astronumerology

This chapter details a complete forecasting system based on the science of Astronumerology. Most ancient divination tools were meant as ways to track changes in vibration as experienced through a particular individual (or market). This chapter describes an entirely original approach to measuring these influences in markets. You will learn about the intimate connection between time, price, number, and planetary cycle, and how to use them to project market behavior.

Chapter 15: Conclusion

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